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Taylor Swift's eras-themed manicure.
The Taylor Swift-Themed Nails You Should Get, Based On Your Fave Era

TFW making the whole place shimmer is your brand.

Written by Jess Ferguson
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Is there anything happening in the music world that isn’t related to Taylor Swift? Between the rotating surprise songs, big-name special guests, three-hour setlist, and seemingly endless outfit changes, there’s so, so much to talk about when it comes to the singer’s Eras Tour alone. For dedicated Swifties, the concerts have become FYP-worthy fashion shows, with ‘fits ranging from sweet to spicy. One of the hardest decisions for attendees: choosing just one of Swift’s 10 unique eras for the perfect tour ‘fit, then nailing down a Taylor Swift-themed manicure to match the vibes.

The Grammy winner herself has long used nails to complement her current era’s look, introduce a new album, or even to make a poli-centric statement. Whether you’re one of the lucky ones headed to the Eras Tour this season, or you’re simply a Swiftie in need of new nail ideas, there’s a mani look guaranteed to go with your preferred aesthetic. And you don’t have to be a mastermind to nail any of the styles.

Below, you’ll find your perfect Taylor Swift-inspired manicure, based on your fave album. Regardless of your choice, *bejeweled* doesn’t even begin to describe it.

If Taylor Swift’s debut album is your fave era...


You’re a lover of the classics, and can probably reenact Swift’s “Should’ve Said No” ACM performance like the back of your hand. That’s why a sweet sky blue manicure — topped off with butterfly nail stickers, as a nod to the Taylor Swift album cover — is the vibe for you to, you know, stay beautiful.

If Fearless is your fave era...

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The multi-hyphenate’s endless rotation of glittery dresses during this breakthrough era will forever & always live rent-free in your mind. And with milky nails taking over TikTok, a milk manicure with gold foils is the best way for you to pay tribute to her Fearless album.

If Speak Now is your fave era...


A Speak Now (Taylor Version) release is your actual dream. (All those easter eggs can’t be for nothing, right? Right??) But until that day comes, you’ll continue to put the original on blast because it’s your No. 1 fave. To continue to show your dedication, go for this enchanted and sparkly purple mani that’s a perfect match to the dress on the Speak Now cover. It’s better than any sort of revenge you could plot.

If Red is your fave era...


The last time you listened to Red was probably, like, five minutes ago, and your life was forever changed when TayTay released the 10-minute version of “All Too Well.” Lean into your lurv with a mani as classic as Swift’s style during this era, complete with a heart accent — or maybe a broken heart, if you’re feeling angsty.

If 1989 is your fave era...

You’re the main character, and your appreciation for this Grammy-winning album — which changed pop music, for crying out loud — will never go out of style. That’s why an iridescent lavender mani, which will coordinate impeccably with the 1989 album cover, has been waiting for you.

If Reputation is your fave era...

A baddie to the extreme, you and the Reputation album are end game. Since you’ve never been the same since the iconic, culture-resetting stadium tour, this green and gold mani would be gorgeous on your hands. Not only is it reminiscent of the snake imagery throughout the album, you could even dance with your hands tied and it’d still stand out.

If Lover is your fave era...

It must be nice to have a friend like you. Like the Lover album, you’re optimistic, free-spirited, and a hopeless romantic at heart. You’re also probably a big fan of pastels, with pastel pink being your fave color. This marbled, Lover album-inspired mani will have your heartbeat skipping down 16th Avenue (or anywhere else in the world).

If Folklore is your fave era...

Cottagecore gets an instant yes from you, and you practically live in cardigans. It’s almost like there’s an invisible string tying you to this dreamy mani, with a shimmery pink base and a floral design that you’ll dream of all year long.

If Evermore is your fave era...

Happiness, to you, is screaming “Champagne Problems” at the top of your lungs. No matter what day it is, ‘tis the damn season for a brown and plaid mani that gives all the cozy Evermore album cover vibes — all you’ll need to add is a coat and a braid in your hair.

If Midnights is your fave era...

Taylor Swift’s latest is the greatest for you. You do the “Bejeweled” strut every time you hear the song and order a Lavender Haze latte almost every time you’re at Starbucks these days. Checkmate, you couldn’t lose in this midnight blue glittery mani with star accents, guaranteed to polish up real nice. The look is totally giving the same vibes as a Midnights manicure Swift did herself.

And of course, if you’re indecisive or if choosing one era is like choosing a favorite child, you can always take a lead from Tay and devote one nail to each of the 10 eras in a patchwork style.

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