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A College Grad Attending 'Eras Tour' Tracks Her Screen Time For 1 Week

Uber was my enemy, TikTok was my vice, and Messages was my savior.

By Jess Ferguson
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I Tried Lemon8 To See How It Compares To TikTok

And I thought Instagram captions were hard to come up with.

By Rachel Chapman
Womp, Womp

I Asked ChatGPT For Sex Advice & Things Got Awkward

It felt like having “the talk” with your parents.

By Hayley Folk
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How Can I Refresh My TikTok FYP? A New Feature Can Fix Your Feed

For when your “For You” page is not really for you.

By Rachel Chapman

TikTok's Moon Phase "Soulmates" Test Isn't As Accurate As You May Think

An astrologer weighs in on the viral trend.

By Chelsea Jackson and Kaitlin Cubria
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These People Took Online Dating Off The Apps & Out Of The DMs

Take this as your sign to read your LinkedIn messages.

By Hannah Kerns
Swipe, Text, Soft Launch, Repeat

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From DM slides to viral TikTok trends, dating and tech are more intertwined than ever. Here’s how to sort through the chaos (and your inbox).

By Elite Daily Staff
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17 Elite Daily Readers Share Their Low-Key Dating App Icks

Prepare to cringe.

By Michelle Toglia

I Tried Rejection Therapy Because TikTok Told Me To

It didn’t get easier, but it definitely got more embarrassing.

By Mia Sherin

The Art Of The Perfect DM Slide With 'Girls Gotta Eat'

“If you’re just trying to f*ck... Send every eggplant emoji in the world.”

By Sarah Ellis
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“Are We Still On?” & More Mistakes You’re Making When Texting A Date

According to TikTok dating expert @findingmrheight.

By Madeline Howard
Hot Girl Sh*t

In Defense Of “Taking Myself Too Seriously” On Dating Apps

Let me live!

By Allison Goldberg
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How To Play TikTok Trivia To Win Cash From A $500K Prize Pool

Raise your hand if you feel personally victimized by those TikTok Trivia notifications.

By Rachel Chapman

Unfortunately, That Creepy App From 'You' Is More Real Than It Should Be

There are similar ones IRL.

By Dylan Kickham
iPhone Hacks

How To Use iOS 16’s Photo Cutout Feature For Memes & Outfit Logs

No editing skills required.

By Jillian Giandurco
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What Is The Gas App? Discord Bought The Compliments-Based Platform

OK, I’m blushing.

By Jillian Giandurco