Sugar, Spice, Kanekalon, & Cinnamon

Flyana Boss Is Ready To Be The Biggest Duo In The World

“We like to write silly bars, eye-catching words that make you think ’Did they just say that?’”

By Sarah Ellis and Xin Xin

ScreamingAva Is Saving TikTok From Misogyny, One Bark At A Time

The influencer we need.

By Hannah Kerns
Dare To Dream

Meet The 17-Year-Old Developer Who’s Inspiring Girls To Code

With the help of Apple's CEO and Karlie Kloss, Rebecca Wang is bridging gender disparity one app at a time.

By Jordan Murray
Chronically Online

An Astrologer On A Solo Vacation In NYC Tracks Her Screen Time

It was a week filled with ASMR on YouTube, Barbie-themed IGs, and Google Maps.

By Chelsea Jackson
Big Name On Campus

This College Junior Is Forging Her Own Path In Sports Journalism

Katie Feeney has reported from the Super Bowl and the White House.

By Mackenzie Sylvester

I Tried Threads To See If It's A Good Alternative To Twitter

Users are already calling out one big issue with the app.

By Rachel Chapman
Chronically Online

A College Grad Looking For A Full-Time Role Tracks Her Screen Time

A week of job applications, Eras Tour IG posts, and BridalTok deep dives.

By Anna Traver

Everyone Wants To Be Jake Shane’s Best Friend

The rising star on celeb collabs, Taylor Swift, and becoming TikTok’s comedic relief.

By Hannah Kerns and Xin Xin
Extremely Online

If It Wasn’t For YouTube, Larray Would Probably Still Be In The Closet

He wants to be there for his fans just like a member of Blackpink was there for him.

By Rachel Chapman

How Brooke Monk Aced TikTok

The 20-year-old has come a long way from shooting content in her parents’ basement after she finished homework.

By Hannah Kerns
Life In Plastic

How To Get The TikTok Barbie Filter For Your Own Transformation

I was humbled by my AI experience.

By Rachel Chapman

Meredith Duxbury Was Always Meant To Be The Queen Of Beauty TikTok

The 24-year-old has become the face of full-glam makeup — and she’s just getting started.

By Sarah Ellis

Matt Rife Will Find A Girlfriend After He Gets Some Sleep

The 27-year-old’s comedy career is taking off. If only he had time to check his Raya messages.

By Lizzie Logan
Chronically Online

A College Grad Attending Eras Tour Tracks Her Screen Time For 1 Week

Uber was my enemy, TikTok was my vice, and Messages was my savior.

By Jess Ferguson
Social Media

I Tried Lemon8 To See How It Compares To TikTok

And I thought Instagram captions were hard to come up with.

By Rachel Chapman
Womp, Womp

I Asked ChatGPT For Sex Advice & Things Got Awkward

It felt like having “the talk” with your parents.

By Hayley Folk