Group of young friends sitting outside, unaffected by the June 2023 full Strawberry Moon.

3 Zodiac Signs Are *Not* Here For The June Moon's Big Surprises

Not here for it, TBH.

By Chelsea Jackson
three friends pose for a selfie during vacation as they consider how the June 2023 full strawberry m...

These 4 Signs Will Feel Much More Open-Minded During The Full Moon On June 3

It’s a pretty big deal.

By Chelsea Jackson
Young woman on top of a mountain during the June 2023 full Strawberry Moon, which will affect every ...
Truth Hurts

Every Zodiac Sign Can Expect Tough Love During The June Full Moon

God, it's brutal out here.

By Chelsea Jackson
two women smile and embrace as they enjoy golden hour at the beach and consider the spiritual meanin...

June's Full Moon May Sound Delicious, But It Has Such A Deep Meaning

Think bigger.

By Chelsea Jackson
Your Time To Shine

These 4 Zodiac Signs Will Absolutely Live For Hot Girl Summer

Kicking things off on a high note.

By Chelsea Jackson

Gah, So Many Planetary Retrogrades Are Returning In June

But don’t let the number fool you.

By Chelsea Jackson
New Month, New Moons

Your June Horoscope Is Equal Parts Dramatic & Emotional

Oh good, another retrograde 🙃

By Chelsea Jackson
#BookTok 🤝 #AstrologyTok

The TikTok-Viral Book For Your Zodiac Sign Is Here To Spice Things Up

Your summer reading list just got hotter.

By Chelsea Jackson
Sasha Fierce

The Beyoncé Era For Your Zodiac Sign Will Be All Up In Your Mind

It's destiny, child.

By Chelsea Jackson
Star-Crossed Lovers?

Taylor Swift & Matty Healy’s Astrological Compatibility Is Fire

The 1975 meets 1989 in this exciting pairing.

By Chelsea Jackson
The Archer

The Taylor Swift 'Eras Tour' Surprise Song For Your Sign Is Karmic

Which one is *the lucky one*?

By Chelsea Jackson
Lunar Lovin'

May's Black Moon Wants You To Treat Yourself

Love this for you.

By Chelsea Jackson
Yaaas, Queens 👑

These 4 Signs Will Have Big Main Character Energy During The Rare Black Moon


By Chelsea Jackson
Keep Calm

May's Black Moon Will Be A Chill Experience For These 4 Signs

It’s time to slow your roll.

By Chelsea Jackson

Your Black Moon 'scope Is About Pleasure, Pleasure, & More Pleasure

The password is: indulgence.

By Chelsea Jackson

What Is A Black Moon? The Spiritual Meaning Is Seriously Beautiful

Here’s what you need to know before the big astrological event on May 19.

By Roya Backlund and Chelsea Jackson