Single Life

Single Life

The Definitive Guide To Building Your Spring Dating Roster

Warning: Hot girl inspo may arise.

By Natalia Perez-Gonzalez

I Handed Out “Dating Resumes” & Went Viral On TikTok

What started as a fun idea became a real meet-cute strategy.

By Crystal Wall
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After A Breakup, Kat Stickler Turned To TikTok For Healing

The creator reflects on sharing her dating life with an audience of 10 million.

By Hannah Kerns
Everything I've Learned About Love (So Far)

Savannah Palacio Won’t Compete For Your Attention

“You’ve got to wine me, dine me, then 69 me, in that order.”

By Sarah Ellis
Expert Approved

TherapyJeff Just Wants To See You Thriving

TikTok’s resident relationship therapist shares his best advice.

By Sarah Ellis
Single Life

The Case For Dating Yourself This Holiday Season

You know who will never flake on you? You.

By Allison Goldberg

26 Funny Bumble Bios Guaranteed To Make Your Matches LOL

Dating should be fun, right?

By Rachel Khona and Julie Nguyen

This Will Make You Think Twice About Getting Drinks On Your Next Date

Sober dating is the future, anyway.

By Jamie Valentino
Single Life

How Do I Find The Confidence To Date After Gaining Some Weight?

I keep canceling dates but wish I wouldn’t.

By Hannah Orenstein
Single Life

Is It Too Soon To Start Dating Again After My Big Breakup?

I’m excited to get back out there, but is that a bad idea?

By Hannah Orenstein

If You Just Came Out, Here’s What To Know About LGBTQ+ Dating

Tips for navigating flirting, sex, dates, finding community, and more.

By Stella Harris

Here’s What To Do If You Think Someone Is Breadcrumbing You

You don’t have time for this BS.

By Nikhita Mahtani and Mackenzie Sylvester

8 Signs Your Crush Just Isn’t That Into You

Sometimes it just isn’t meant to be.

By Anjali Sareen Nowakowski and Genevieve Wheeler
Single Life

Here’s What To Do If You Find Out Your Crush Likes Your Friend

And how to handle it if your bestie likes them back.

By Korey Lane and Mackenzie Sylvester

Here’s How To Respond When You Get Rejected Over Text

It sucks, but it happens.

By Rachel Shatto

Here's How To Tell Someone You're Dating You Don't Want To Be Official

It doesn’t have to be awkward.

By Caroline Colvin