'Love Is Blind's Natalie Lee and 'The Bachelorette's Blake Moynes

Blake Moynes & Natalie Lee Confirmed They Dated In Secret

Turns out, the rumors *were* true.

Apparently, Blake Horstmann and Giannina Gibelli aren’t the only Bachelor Nation-Love Is Blind crossover. During an April 3 episode of the Out Of The Pods podcast, Blake Moynes and Natalie Lee admitted they dated in secret, nearly two years after speculation surrounding the duo began.

ICYMI, back in July 2022, Lee surprised reality TV fans by joining Moynes on his turtle conservation trip to the Caribbean. At the time, the duo posted from the Four Seasons Nevis, per People. In one snap, Moynes even referred to time spent with Lee as a “breakfast date,” but it still seemed to be all friendly... until now.

"The answer is yes, we did date," Lee confirmed said on her podcast, where she hosted Moynes as a guest. Apparently, she wasn’t too familiar with Moynes going into the trip, but they clicked immediately. “We could be very much ourselves and it didn't take long to get to that comfortability point,” Moynes said in the episode.

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“I had never been on an animal conservation trip before and I didn't know you,” Lee added. “I didn't watch any of the seasons of The Bachelorette you were on. I had heard things about you through social media — I mean, good things — but there was a lot of news at the time regarding your ex.” (A month earlier, in June 2022, Moynes’ ex-fiancée Katie Thurston split with John Hersey, who also competed on her season.)

Per Lee, Moynes is still “one of [her] favorite people,” even after they split — so much so that they have a marriage pact. “Nobody knows this — I don't think we've ever talked about it — but Blake and I have a marriage pact,” Lee said. “If I am not married by age 35, we said that we would have kids and get married."

Lee just turned 32 and Moynes is 33, prompting him to quip, “Yeah, we might have to push that back. Maybe we do 40.”

According to Moynes, he is currently “very, very single,” so there’s still a chance they put this marriage pact to use.