Colin has multiple sex scenes in 'Bridgerton' Season 3.
Bridgerton Is In Its Horniest Era Yet With All This Season's Sex Scenes

Just when you thought that carriage ride couldn't be topped...

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Another social season has begun in the Ton, which means polite courtships, opulent balls, and of course, some of the steamiest lovemaking on television. Yes, underneath those massive gowns and buttoned-up suits, these aristocrats love to get freaky. And Season 3 is probably Bridgerton’s horniest installment yet.

The new season dropped its first four episodes on May 16 and then four more on June 13, shifting the show’s focus away from last season’s star-crossed lovers Anthony and Kate, and onto the yearnful pining between Colin and Penelope. Up until this point, the sparks between the third Bridgerton son and the third Featherington daughter had been one-sided, as Penelope held her true feelings for Colin privately while he only saw her as a friend. But now, all that bottled-up sexual tension is finally erupting — and it isn’t just Polin getting frisky in Season 3.

From risqué threesomes to moan-filled carriage rides, here are all the sex scenes in Season 3 of Bridgerton.

Kanthony’s Busy Morning (Episode 1)

Season 2’s hottest couple returned to give viewers even more spicy moments in Season 3. Right from the first episode, the newlyweds couldn’t keep their hands off each other, with Anthony begging Kate to stay in bed rather than attend to their new viscount duties.

Colin’s Threesome (Episode 2)

Colin’s charisma got a major upgrade after a returned from his travels, and he wasted no time showing it off by making every woman in the Ton swoon. He enjoyed his newfound status as it-boy by having a few threesomes, which had apparently become a regular occurrence for him.

Frisky Featheringtons (Episode 2)

Prudence and Philippa Featherington made up for a lot of lost time in the bedroom after some long overdue sexual education. After the Hawkins ball, both sisters took their respective husbands to bed to try to produce an heir.

A Dream Of Polin (Episode 3)

It’s not a full sex scene, but Colin’s dream of hooking up with Penelope shortly after their first kiss certainly gets very steamy — hot enough for him to wake up in bed panting.

Benedict’s State Of Undress (Episode 4)

Colin and Anthony aren’t the only Bridgerton brothers feeling lusty this social season. Benedict found a match for his sarcastic humor in Lady Tilley Arnold, and after quipping about the “state of undress” of a dancer at a ball, the two performed their own bare-skinned dance beneath the sheets.

Penelope’s Wild Ride (Episode 4)

The first half of Season 3 ended with its hottest hookup of all. After Colin chased down Penelope’s carriage as she left a ball with her prospects of marriage crushed, he finally confessed his feelings for her. And they christened their new relationship right there in the carriage with a voracious makeout and some gasp-inducing manual stimulation.

But perhaps the most swoon-worthy moment was Colin adjusting Penelope’s dress with just two fingers. The gesture actually wasn’t even in the script. Andrew Ahn, who directed the episode, revealed that Luke Newton improvised the caress all on his own.

From The Mirror To The Chaise (Episode 5)

The carriage ride was one thing, but Colin and Penelope finally properly got it on when he showed her around their new living quarters. After showing her just how beautiful she is while gazing in the mirror, Colin took Penelope to their new chaise lounge to prematurely christen their upcoming marriage.

The scene was so intense, Nicola Coughlan shared on Instagram that they wound up breaking the couch while filming it.

A Party Of Three (Episode 8)

The moment LGBTQ+ fans have waited years for finally arrived when Benedict explored his sexuality at long last. After he caught Tilley kissing another man, she invited him to join them in her bed. Benedict was initially scared off, but after reflecting on what he really wants, he wound up giving in to his desires and sleeping with Tilley and Paul at the same time.

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