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I tried Starbucks' secret menu 'Bridgerton' tea from TikTok.

I Tried Starbucks' Bridgerton Tea & The Secret Menu Drink Is $$$

Getting a taste of the Ton ahead of Polin’s season.

Liam Daniel/Netflix/Rachel Chapman/Elite Daily

Dearest reader, as you well know, Bridgerton returns for Season 3 on Thursday, May 16. As you prepare to watch Penelope and Colin’s love story unfold, you can get a taste of the Regency era by stopping by your local Starbucks for a Bridgerton-inspired tea.

The unofficial Bridgerton drink on the secret menu first went viral on TikTok in 2021, shortly after Season 1 premiered at the end of 2020. The OG beverage was a Passion Tea sans water, with peach juice, raspberry syrup, blackberries, strawberries, and a coconut strawberry cold foam.

Starbucks’ 2024 Bridgerton Tea Comes With A Lot Of Changes

Since it has been three years, some ingredients are no longer available, like the raspberry syrup, but Starbucks’ summer 2024 menu has just what you need to recreate this off-the-menu sip. The Summer-Berry Refresher comes with raspberry pearls, which can be added instead of the syrup.

Blackberries are no longer an option either, but you can easily substitute that inclusion with dragonfruit. The fruit inclusions don’t add much flavor, but are used to make your drink more picture-perfect and worthy of being deemed the diamond of the season.

Liam Daniel/Netflix

To order the secret menu Bridgerton tea, ask for a venti Passion Tango Tea with no water. Then, customize it to include three scoops of the raspberry pearls, dragonfruit and strawberry inclusions, and a strawberry coconut cold foam on top.

If you order this on the app, the only thing you won’t be able to ask for is a coconut milk cold foam. For that, you’ll need to go in-store and request it from a barista. You’ll also want to save up or use stars for this drink if you’re a Rewards member, because it’s pretty expensive at $12.

Here’s what it actually tastes like:

The Starbucks Bridgerton Tea Has A Lot Going On

The Bridgerton tea is so much money because there are a lot of ingredients in one drink. Instead of focusing on one flavor, this drink like a tea version of a fruit salad.

Though the fruity sip isn’t terrible, I don’t think it’s all necessary. I’m all for fun customizations at Starbucks to make your drink more unique and Insta-worthy, but this could use a few edits.

Rachel Chapman

For starters, I’d skip the raspberry inclusion, because you can get a lot from just the Passion tea and peach juice. And while the pretty little strawberries and dragonfruit on top make it something you could see Queen Charlotte sipping on, it’s not needed for the flavor and can be cut for a more budget-friendly drink.

I would keep the strawberry cold foam, though, since it adds a gorgeous pink top to the fuchsia tea, and is reminiscent of the gorgeous wisteria that covers the Bridgerton household.

With these changes, you’d get a much simpler and cheaper iced tea that is just as refreshing and delicious. I might even order this before I start marathon-watching Part 1 of Season 3 on May 16.