This Year Is ✨Sparkling✨

Taylor Swift’s 2024 Love Horoscope Is Enchanting & Full Of Romance

It’s like a million little stars are spelling out her name.

2023 was a banner year for Taylor Swift in more ways than one. She dominated the charts and the box office, drove the world economy (along with other girl’s girls)... Oh, yeah, and made some changes in her love life, including ending her relationship with longtime BF Joe Alwyn, having a rumored fling with Matty Healy, and putting current bae Travis Kelce “on the map.”

As an astrologer, I could’ve told you that the intensity of the “Karma” singer’s past year was predictable, what with 2023’s first lunar eclipse taking place in Scorpio (her rising sign), an occurrence that often results in major life changes. So when I tell you that Swift’s 2024 love horoscope looks much more bejeweled and less tortured, you’d better take note.

Here’s what to mark in your calendars, Swifties.

The Most Important 2024 Dates For Taylor Swift’s Love Life

  • March 21: Venus conjunct Saturn in Pisces
  • April 20: Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Taurus
  • May 7: Taurus new moon
  • May 23: Venus conjunct Jupiter in Taurus
  • Sept. 17: Solar eclipse in Pisces
  • Nov. 15: Taurus full moon

Not only is there no Scorpio eclipse in sight (phew), but she’ll experience two very rare conjunctions that signify an abundance of love and romance in her life this year, mostly based on where her seventh house of relationships (followed by her fifth house of passions) falls in her birth chart.

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Swift’s Birth Chart Is Paving The Way For Big Love In The New Year

In astrology, transits through your seventh house usually impact the current and future state of your romances. Since the Grammy winner is a Scorpio rising, her seventh house falls precisely in the opposite sign of Taurus, where two of the biggest conjunctions of 2024 will unfold.

When two planets come together in this way, it fuses their significations, which can strengthen and intensify an energy. Since Taurus is a Venus-ruled sign, there will be emphasis on connection and forming long-term bonds in Swift’s partnerships.

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Regardless of Swift’s astrological compatibility with Kelce, which is a bit of a toss-up, below you’ll see that her cosmic forecast for 2024 is equal parts romantic and passionate.

March 21

As the astrological new year begins, Venus will link up with Saturn in Pisces, bringing some realities about love and relationships into focus. For Swift, this conjunction will go exact in her fifth house of passions, pleasures, and dating, an indicator of some important realizations in these areas.

During this conjunction, more serious convos may be had around the future of a partnership (potentially with her current NFL star bae). This can signify an increase in responsibility or the solidifying of a lasting connection.

April 20

On this day, Jupiter and Uranus will conjoin in sensual Taurus, something that hasn’t happened since 1941(!). This rare transit will unfold in the singer’s seventh house of partnerships, prompting sudden opportunities for expansion, opportunity, and success in a union.

May 7

As the sun and moon conjoin in Venus-ruled Taurus, it will offer Swift a clean slate for any new developments in love. Taurus new moons are ideal for indulging in life’s pleasures; for the multi-hyphenate, it’ll be ideal for spending time with a special someone, or setting some intentions for any present connections in her life.

May 23

By this time, Venus (the ruler of Swift’s seventh house) and Jupiter (the planet of expansion) will unite in Taurus, magnifying the most enjoyable connections and relationships in Swift’s life. This is one of the most fortunate configurations in astrology, since it involves two of the most fortunate planets in the cosmos.

The chart-topper can take advantage of this transit by going on dates, socializing, or spending time with someone that makes her feel safe and at ease. (IMHO, it’s the best day to get engaged in 2024, or take a relationship to the next level. Just sayin’.)

Sept. 17

Days before Libra SZN begins, the eclipse in Pisces will take place, the first of its kind since 2017 (right around the time TayTay started dating Joe Alwyn). Illuminating her fifth house of intimacy, dating, and passion projects, this lunar eclipse may reveal the dreams and ideals Swift has for a partnership — or even new music.

Nov. 15

The songwriter’s year of love will wrap up by the mid-November Taurus full moon, shedding light on the current state of her romances. Since the moon enjoys being in Taurus, this lunation may bring some positive developments around a partnership to light that offer ample opportunities for a mutually beneficial and sustainable pairing.

After such a dynamic year for her love life, this full moon will serve as a moment for Swift to lean into whatever relationship(s) she’s worked to establish.