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Elite Daily's honest review of the ONE/SIZE x Disney Fantasia Collection

I Reviewed The One/Size Disney Fantasia Collection, And It’s Pretty Enchanting

Patrick Starrr’s latest launch is all about makeup magic.

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Patrick Starrr is a beautiful person, and his beauty brand, One/Size, makes beautiful makeup. I don’t just mean that the products look pretty in the pans. Starrr’s One/Size creates effective, multitasking products that imbue whoever wears them with the power of glam. Applying One/Size’s Cheek Clapper 3D Blush Palette makes me feel like the lead makeup artist behind the scenes at New York Fashion Week. When I wear its Fantasize Mascara, I *literally* cannot stop batting my eyelashes. One/Size makes such dreamy products that I wasn’t surprised when the brand launched the One/Size Disney Fantasia collection, a limited-edition line of products all about dreaming big and creating a fantasy.

Launching on Tuesday, Sept. 6, the One/Size Disney Fantasia collection blends One/Size’s high-impact products with Disney’s signature magic. There are definitely some standouts in this collection, but it’s my job as a beauty editor to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth when it comes to beauty products. Were there things I loved about this line? Absolutely, but I wasn’t completely enchanted. Ahead, I break down what products from the One/Size and Disney Fantasia collab were pure magic and which ones fell flat in my honest review of the One/Size x Disney Fantasia collection.

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Fast Facts

  • Price: The products in the One/Size x Disney Fantasia collection cost between $16 and $49. You can also buy the entire collection for $168.
  • Clean/cruelty-free? One/Size does not directly or indirectly test any products on animals and is cruelty-free.
  • Who this is best for: The One/Size x Disney Fantasia collection is perfect for anyone who loves soft glam beauty looks. Also, Disney adults.
  • What I like: I love how pigmented the color cosmetics in the One/Size x Disney Fantasia collection are.
  • What I don’t like: I’m not crazy about the price point of the One/Size x Disney Fantasia collection and the layout of the palette is a bit underwhelming.
  • My rating: 3.6/5

The One/Size x Disney Fantasia Collection

I am not a Disney adult, but I admire their passion. It’s very possible that hardcore Disney fans will salivate over this collection because its design features lots of sweet Mickey Mouse visual cues. As a beauty editor, I was less enchanted by the Disney of it all and more hyped about the new One/Size product in this collection. While the other products in this collection have all formerly existed within the One/Size makeup universe, the One/Size Disney Fantasia collection includes the beauty brand’s first-ever lip product, a gloss and lipstick duo that is absurdly good. Y’all, I’ve been dreaming of this moment.

The One/Size Disney Fantasia collection features six products in total. The Storybook Face & Eye Palette, priced at $49, includes four blushes in two different finishes, four eyeshadows, and two shades of holographic shadow toppers. There’s also a Disney-fied limited edition of One/Size’s Point Made Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner Pen for $19, the same price as the non-Disney version. One/Size’s Ultimate Setting & Baking Puff got a Mickey Mouse makeover for this collection and the magical mouse-themed Ultimate Mickey Puff costs $16.

We may receive a portion of sales if you purchase a product through a link in this article.

The One/Size Disney Fantasia collection features another tool, the Versatile Complexion Brush, which costs $34, and the gold-toned Bit of Magic Highlighter, priced at $36. Last, but certainly not least, is my personal favorite from this limited-edition line: the Lipsnatcher Velvet Flex Cream & Cushion Gloss Duo. It’s One/Size’s debut lip product and costs $28.

The Science

The gel-to-powder formula of the Bit of Magic Highlighter definitely impressed me. Its initial gel texture made it easy to apply and the powder finish felt weightless and didn’t dry out my skin.

The finishes on the four blushes in the Storybook Face & Eye Palette are very unique to One/Size. There are two very pigmented matte shades, Symphony, a peachy neutral, and Orchestra, a rich berry, and two shades with finishes that One/Size refers to as “hyper sheen” in the same color palette. Intermission is the sheer, rosy twin of Symphony while Finale is a multi-faceted version of Orchestra with a hint of soft, golden shimmer.

I’m also impressed with the holographic toppers, which come in two shades, Oh Boy, a true silver, and Yensid, a purple-hued silver. Layered over blush, eyeshadow, or highlighter, they lend a magical depth to whatever shade they’re topping.

The Packaging

The packaging definitely attempts to deliver Disney magic with slightly mixed results. For example, while I loved the stamped pattern on the Bit of Magic Highlighter, it was quickly blurred away after just a few uses. The mirror in the Storybook Face & Eye Palette is cute and its underside features an inspiring quote from Starrr, but I didn’t find it all that necessary. I did love the glitter in the handle of the Versital Complexion Brush, but, overall, the performance of the products in this collection was more enticing to me than the packaging.

First Impression

The first product I tried from this collection was the Lipsnatcher Velvet Flex Cream & Cushion Gloss Duo. Both the gloss and lipstick have very precise doe foot applicators which made the application process very easy. I love the true red shade of the Velvet Flex Cream, but found that it went a bit pink when worn under the gloss. Overall, I prefer the two lip products on their own.

Since I’m not a big baker and don’t use much powder in my makeup routine, I wasn’t too enamored with the Ultimate Mickey Puff. It’s soft and does set product well, but I prefer brushes, especially since my setting products tend to be tan or brown and can make a puff like this one look ragged after only a few uses. That said, I was delighted with the Versatile Complexion Brush. When I say this sculpting and contouring brush picks up product, I mean it picks up product like a magnet. I actually had to wipe off my first round of blush from the Storybook Palette because the Versatile Complexion Brush deposited so much color with such little pressure that I was entirely unprepared.

The Storybook Face & Eye Palette was, surprisingly, my least favorite item in the collection. While the tones of the toppers, blushes, and eyeshadows were all lovely, I found the pop-out mirror slightly awkward to use while applying the products in the palette. I have absolutely no notes for the Point Made Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner Pen. It’s an incredible product and is so precise that you can freehand complex liner looks with ease.

The Results

I’m obsessed with the Lipsnatcher Velvet Flex Cream and really hope that One/Size releases it as an individual product because I will buy it in every color. The Point Made Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner Pen is also a major win. I was able to freehand a graphic liner look with almost zero touchups because of the precision of the liner’s felt tip.

Amber Rambharose

To create my One/Size Disney fantasy look, I applied Intermission, the more neutral of the two hyper sheen blushes to both cheeks, and added a layer of the Bit of Magic Highlighter to my cheeks, nose, and forehead. I blended the eyeshadows in D Minor and Broomstick on my lids, added a pop of the Yensid topper to my inner eyes, and created a floating graphic liner look with the Point Made Liquid Eyeliner Pen.


In terms of good-for-you ingredients, the brand new One/Size lip duo was my top pick in the One/Size Disney Fantasia collection. The Lipsnatcher Velvet Flex Cream & Cushion Gloss Duo includes hyaluronic acid to keep lips hydrated and I definitely noticed that mine stayed smooth after several hours of wearing the lipstick.

Similar Products

One/Size makes beautiful makeup and, if you’re not a Disney fan, you can still get your hands on a few One/Size products that are similar to the ones included in the One/Size Disney Fantasia collection.

The Cheek Clapper 3D Blush Trio Palette comes in six shades. Each palette includes a cream blush, a high-impact matte blush, and a sheer, glowing blush. Priced at $36, each palette contains slightly larger pans than the One/Size x Disney Fantasia Storybook Face & Eye Palette, but it doesn’t include highlighters or eyeshadows. The One/Size Ultimate Setting & Baking Puff doesn’t come in a cute Mickey Mouse shape, but it does cost $2 less than the One/Size Disney Fantasia Ultimate Mickey Puff. Last, but not least, the Point Made Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner Pen is identical to the one in the One/Size x Disney Fantasia Collection except for the Disney branding on the cap and tube of the liner.

Worth It?

I’ve loved One/Size makeup since Day One — I didn’t layer blush until its Cheek Clapper 3D Blush Palette launched in April 2022 — but this collection is on the expensive side. If you’re a One/Size fan on a budget, I’d recommend waiting for this A+ beauty brand to drop its Lipsnatcher Velvet Flex Cream & Cushion Gloss outside of this limited-edition collection. However, if you’re a “ride or die” Disney fan, go ahead and splurge.

Final Verdict

The One/Size x Disney Fantasia collection combines the quality of One/Size with some lovely Disney branding, but the price point might be prohibitive. That said, this collection is also your first chance to try One/Size’s first-ever lip product, which has already become a staple in my makeup bag.

The One/Size x Disney Fantasia collection is available at and on Sept. 6, and in Sephora stores nationwide on Sept. 26.

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